At home, the kitchen is the center of our family life. When we bought the house, there was a huge Formica island in the center of the space. Once we ripped it out, we were liberated to put a favorite old farm table in its place, surrounded by carefree painted folding chairs. All of the cooking equipment is on one wall elevation, allowing the space to be a sitting area for conversation and enjoyment. Good ventilation gave us the luxury of hanging a favorite painting nearby.

On the twenty-fifth anniversary of one of my favorite charities, Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club, I was invited to design a room along with the ten original designers who had decorated the first showhouse. Rather than selecting a grand room, I chose two converted maids' rooms in the attic. Inspired by Gertrude Stein's atelier in Paris, where I had stayed, I wanted to create my own private haven where I could write.

I simply filled the room with my favorite things. Everything is immensely personal, including my journals, books, favorite art, porcelain, and objects. I love hearing the clanging bells of the church across the street, and the sunlight streaming into the room intensifies the vibrant colors.

Scully & Scully had a table setting exhibition this spring and invited me to create a table. I decided to have my publication dinner party inviting Jane Friedman, CEO of HarperCollins, Carl Brandt, my literary agent and Toni Sciarra, my editor. The color theme was all blue and pink to echo Choosing Happiness. I truly felt I was at the banquet of life. The evening reception was splendid and the memory will linger a lifetime.

I thank all my friends at Scully & Scully for the joy.

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