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Choosing Happiness
Keys to A Joyful Life
Bursting with creative ideas and brimming with illuminating encounters, this concise, joyful, and practical book shows how to find and forge happiness in the large and small events of everyday life.

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Choosing Happiness
Keys to A Joyful Life

Creating a Beautiful Home
From Starting Fresh to Freshening Up—Inspiring Ideas to Help You Turn Your House Into a Warm and Welcoming Home.

Daring to Be Yourself

Feeling at Home
Defining Who You Are And How You Want To Live

Gift of A Letter

Grace Notes
Insights, Reflections, and Quests for Every Day of the Year

Gracious Living in a New World:
Finding Joy in Changing Times

Happiness For Two
75 Ways to Find More Joy Together

Living a Beautiful Life
500 Ways to Add Elegance, Order, Beauty, and Joy to Every Day of Your Life

Living Beautifully Together
How to Live Graciously in a Hectic World by Finding Time to Love Your Family, Your Friends, and Yourself.

Living in Love

Making Choices
The Joy of a Courageous Life

A Celebration

Open Your Eyes
1,000 Simple Ways To Bring Beauty Into Your Home And Life Each Day

Tea Celebrations
The Way to Serenity

The Decoration of Houses

The Postcard as Art
Bring the Museum Home - SOLD OUT

Things Good Mothers Know
A Celebration

Things I Want My Daughters To Know
A Small Book About the Big Issues in Life

Time Alive
Celebrate Your Life Every Day

You Are Your Choices
50 Ways to Live the Good Life

The Shared Wisdom of Mothers and Daughters
The Timelessness of Simple Truths



  Welcome to my section of my wife, Alexandra Stoddard’s website.

As a practicing counselor-at-law and a former prosecutor of organized crime, I began writing legal briefs and documents which are pretty dry and stilted.

One day I interrupted Alexandra—who was, of course, writing a book—to tell her a story about my family excursion as a boy to Bermuda in 1937. After listening patiently, she finally said, "Why don’t you write it down?" So I did—and I was off on a stimulating and exciting adventure of my own. The result has been happy and rewarding: five books of non-fiction in fifteen years.

I have set each of them out with book jacket and brief description of each one for your consideration. Use the appropriate order form for purchase directly from me and a promise to inscribe each copy as you wish for yourself, family and friends.

All good wishes,