Figure It Out

A Guide to Wisdom

"Often we come to a point in our lives when we dispense with the trivial and tire of ordinary superficialities," writes Peter Megargee Brown in Figure It Out: A Guide to Wisdom. Here he has collected some of the most profound statements of all time, and gathered them into topical sections reflecting the depth of the thinker behind the trial lawyer. Sprinkled with his comments on the quotations he has carefully selected over many years, sparkling anecdotes and essays complement the quotations and provide a complete and thought-provoking portrait of each subject.

Brown leads you through the great subjects mankind has grappled with since the beginning -- spirituality, love, life, death, friendship -- and offers much more -- his appraisal of the complexities of character, writing, history, memory, privacy, travel -- drawing on the wisdom of great philosophers including Aristotle, Hillel, Voltaire and Hegel, Supreme Court Justices Oliver Wendell Holmes, Benjamin Cardozo and Joseph Story, the late Tony Snow, writers such as George Bernard Shaw, Ayn Rand, Maureen Dowd and Malachy McCourt, politicians Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt, painter Henri Matisse and architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

A collection that can be read cover-to-cover or flipped through for a moment of illumination, Figure It Out: A Guide to Wisdom will entertain and enlighten seekers of truth. Turn to this treasury for inspiration, as Alexandra Stoddard says in the Foreword. "Whether you are a reader, writer, a historian, a philosopher, or a speaker at important events -- even making a toast -- this personal selection will delight you, uplift you, and help you to Figure It Out."
"From Economics to Law to History to Success to Love to Happiness, trial lawyer Peter Megargee Brown offers a lifetime of wisdom. Quotations gathered over more than fifty years are often annotated and interspersed with Brown's topical essays on everything from the recession of 2010 to Peter Rabbit to JFK."