Books by Alexandra Stoddard

Ordering Books

I love supporting local businesses, and I encourage you to purchase books through my local independent bookstore, Bank Square Books, whenever possible. The bookstore will connect with me to have them signed, and then they will mail the books to you. If you are giving a book as a gift, I can also personalize that for the recipient. In the Comments field during checkout, you can specify signing requests and whether you'd like the book gift-wrapped.

If copies of a book are sold out, I have included a link where you can search for used copies online. 

The Shared Wisdom of Mothers and Daughters

The Timelessness of Simple Truths

Things Good Mothers Know

A Celebration

You Are Your Choices

50 Ways to Live the Good Life

Choosing Happiness

Keys to A Joyful Life

Things I Want My Daughters to Know

A Small Book About the Big Issues in Life

Living in Love

Gracious Living in a New World

Finding Joy in Changing Times

Tea Celebrations

The Way to Serenity

Alexandra Stoddard's Book of Days

Alexandra Stoddard's Book of Color

Discovering the Joy of Color in Your Everyday Life

The Postcard as Art

Bring the Museum Home

Books by Peter Megargee Brown

My beloved late husband Peter has written six wonderful books, and I encourage you to read his work.

Please click the links below to learn more about his writing.

The Art of Questioning

30 Maxims of Cross Examination

One World at a Time

Tales of Murder, Joy and Love

Figure It Out

A Guide to Wisdom