Flights of Memory

Days Before Yesterday: A Memoir

Memories can enrich our lives. In ten poignant essays Peter Megargee Brown, a consummate observer, draws on some charming recollections to record and share, with exceptional clarity and color, in New York City in 1927 and onward to the present; a special summer visit to Bermuda over a half-century ago with the whole family.

Sharp reminiscences of the aftermath of the Big Crash of 1929; and remembrances of growing up with Mother and Father in the turbulence of the Great Depression; a playful family odyssey in the 1970s to the Greek Mediterranean, everyone keeping a diary upon which to reflect—as time goes by…These lively sketches will stimulate your own memories.

The author shows explicitly how we can capture and retrieve the best of our memories—so we can run them in our minds, at will, like video film. This book is ultimately about love, family and moments of happiness to cherish forever.

Foreword by Alexandra Stoddard

Insisting we all have our own "flights of memory." She urges us to become inspired to write down our own private remembrances. "There are Xerox machines and publishers; the message here is to live triumphantly and record these private thoughts for yourself, your family and above all, for all times."