One World at a Time

Tales of Murder, Joy and Love

A treasure trove of thirteen stories about living to the hilt in a dangerous and hectic world. Colorful and incisive vignettes slice into the fascinations of our life experiences today; terror and murder on New York’s racket-infested waterfront; a powerful look at the dramatic Trial of the Century, Richard Nixon against Alger Hiss; a peek at the sly corruption of critics revealed in the changing world of star restaurants visited by avid celebrities selling their souls for the right table; modern diet schemes that overwhelm society today and why a regimen of "Diet for Life" may be the only way to happiness.

A final chapter "Alexandra, Love, Etcetera" paints a rich and poignant portrait of love and living against a backdrop of terrorism, decline of quality of civilization and the madness of our times.

Forward By Walter J.P. Curley

Former Ambassador to France

"Peter Megargee Brown can identify a provocative idea, a cherished memory, or a stirring question and bring it to life with words."

Afterword By John V. Lindsay

former Mayor, New York City

"The cast of characters he plays includes lawyer, traveler, public servant, gourmet and loving husband. Peter has something compelling to say from all these perspectives."