Open Your Eyes

1,000 Simple Ways To Bring Beauty Into Your Home And Life Each Day

For nearly forty years and in numerous books, Alexandra has shared her keen eye for design and sure sense of style. Now this renowned decorator and lifestyle philosopher teaches you hoe to see with the expertise and clarity of professional designers.

First, Alexandra helps you become more attuned to your surroundings—as you set a table, straighten out a linen closet, stroll through a garden, or browse in a thrift shop.  Then, through personal anecdotes; examples from masters; a rich array of ideas, tips, and techniques, she reveals hundreds of ways to see and solve problems or proportion, pattern, color, and composition.  Her simple suggestions—whether it's changing a lampshade, rearranging treasured objects on a table, or moving a chair—will yield dramatic results.  Filled with practical solutions offered with warmth and encouragement, Open Your Eyes helps make each day a visual feats as it deepens your understanding not only of what makes something beautiful but what makes something beautiful to you.