The Selling of the Legal Profession

This first exposure of the decline of the American law profession—from honored calling to base trade—tells the story of more and more lawyers engaged in their own criminal and corrupt schemes devoured by greed, and prone to perfidy toward their own clients.

Rascals is shocking yet inspiring, informative and insightful. Here is a classic book, mercifully devoid of legalese and free of mere nostalgia for olden days.

The reader will readily recognize that the disease described in the law profession has insidiously spread in recent months to the accountants, the medical profession, the clergy and to high corporate executives—all surrounded by participating lawyers. With optimism Brown says, "the public can still do something about it."


"Peter Brown may be a voice crying in the legal wilderness, but he is one we had better listen to before the profession disappears altogether in a turgid mess of unscrupulous overpriced and endless litigation—to be buried by a disgusted public."
Louis Auchincloss
author and lawyer

"Rascals is written with force and grace and vividness. Both the venality of modern law practice and the dignity of the profession are nicely balanced."
George E. Vaillent, M.D.
psychiatrist and author of Adaptation to Life