September 2002

Happy September!

I think of this month as a time of new beginnings, being given a clean, clear fresh start. As children go back to school, we go back to work, inspired by time shared with family and friends, grateful for time in the garden, at the beach, on the water and spending time communing with the ever-wonderous beauty of nature.

This September we're all trying to move on with our lives, deepened, changed and transcendent. We know first hand just how precious life is and we're enthusiastic to express our gratitude in all we chose to do, all the passions we pursue. As I embrace the song of September I feel a sacredness, a reverence, a grace that carries me along as I explore ways to communicate further the wisdom and responsibility for us to choose happiness.

I am writing, thinking, reading and studying as well as giving talks and seminars. I hope our paths will cross. Magical, wonderful and serendipitous things happen all the time. We just have to be conscious enough to recognize them when they "happen"—the root of "happiness."

The end of August I was in Rhode Island signing books at a great, fun store called Sun Up Gallery. I met a delightful woman there among many. It was an afternoon of sharing, smiling, talking and loving. We all felt connected.

Claudia's radiant smile accompanied a box. "I know you love fuscia, Alexandra, so I made you some hot pink soup." Inside the box was this amazing brilliant color made from beets and sour cream along with a huge sugar cookie with raspberry filling. She gave me an envelope I didn't open until I got home that evening. I was moved to tears.

"Dear Alexandra,
A long contemplated, but never written note of thanks and appreciation… It's been almost 15 years since I first read Living a Beautiful Life and discovered your writing as a wonderful source of inspiration. In the intervening years, however something even more magical has happened. As I read your books I've found that you were expressing so completely and clearly, thoughts and ideas that were present, but still evolving in the course of my own personal journey.

And there was the magic! The sense that we were somehow connected—A feeling that we were traveling through life on separate but nonetheless parallel paths, with you just a half a step ahead. My source of inspiration was becoming a source of validation as well.

While I feel that many of your books speak directly to me, I realize that most of your readers feel the same way. And this, of course, is your gift-to understand so intuitively; to express so clearly; to share so openly…

Thank you.

What a blessing Claudia came to this event bearing gifts of great value and happiness. We all meet, one way or another, one place or another on this thrilling adventure we're all on, choosing happiness.

This month is loaded with friends, birthdays, anniversaries and celebration. Enjoy each precious moment completely.

September is indeed a joyful month.

"Love and Live Happy"

Great, good news. The wonderful lifestyle store Scully & Scully in New York City fell in love with the antique hand-enameled box "Love and Live Happy" shown on the back book jacket of Choosing Happiness. They have engaged the English company Halcyon Days to reproduce the box! They have now made a limited edition of 50. Please consider having one of these keepsake treasured boxes on your writing table to remind you of my mantra. This is a perfect gift for someone you love.

To order, call toll free:

Grace Note

When we're happy we are a magnet of positive energy to others. Do whatever it takes to commit yourself to choose to be happy.