I love to connect with my readers, and in my monthly newsletter, I share my thoughts, updates about events, a discussion of what I've been reading, stories from life in Connecticut, and much more. Feel free to browse my past newsletters and stop by at the beginning of each month to read my latest note to you.

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Photo by Elissa

The lush green of my garden is a peaceful haven.

June 2024


I love you! Happy June. The entire month of May exploded into extraordinary beauty all over the landscapes in Southeast Connecticut and our neighbor, Rhode Island. All the April showers did, indeed, bring glorious May flowers.

Last month, I showed you a photograph of the parrot tulips from Holland that my good friends Muriel and Mike gave me as a present. They had an afternoon tea party and tulip contest for good friends who had also received bulbs to plant. We were instructed to bring one stem. I was the only one who didn’t plant my bulbs myself. I asked Kevin (who helps Charlie and me with our gardens) to plunk them in randomly. Because he knows about the sun’s patterns and the neighboring trees that block optimum light, with the addition of his fairy dust, I (we) won first prize! The one blossom I brought to the ...

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I gave Elissa a bouquet of fresh daisies before Thanksgiving, and she took this photo of me outside the cottage that day.

December 2020


I love you!

My dear friend Kerri called to wish me a happy Thanksgiving when I was at my writing desk in our bedroom. Suddenly, my heart leapt, and I asked, “Can you hear Peter’s clock chime?” I put the phone next to his favorite English burl-wood case clock ...

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Join Me at the Beauty Dharma Summit on Friday!


I invite you all to join me for my premiere virtual event this Friday, November 20, at 2:00 p.m. I will be in conversation with the lovely and charming Leslie Christin, a makeup artist and the founder of CARA Cosmetics, as part of her Beauty Dharma Summit.

The ...

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Enjoying the sunshine before the winter sets in. Photo by my granddaughter Cooper.

November 2020


I’m writing this letter to you before the presidential election. I have no knowledge of the results from voters. We might be in for an “election season.” My heart is open wider now than it has been throughout these trying times. Our souls are in need of healing. All ...

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I made this mask from bell-bottom slacks that I tailored. (Photograph by my granddaughter Cooper.)

October 2020


The sweet song of September lingers in my heart as we move forward. “Onward and upward.” To embrace fall and October’s opportunities, we need to prepare for winter.

When we are in harmony with our immediate surroundings, we are most alive. How we feel as we quietly ritualize our ...

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Smiling amid the blossoms on Enders Island in Stonington, photographed by my granddaughter Cooper.

September 2020


I love you!

I carry September’s eternal love song with me throughout the year. Peter and my friendship blossomed into a full flowering commitment fifty years ago during this sacred month of endings and beginnings. Beginnings and endings bending into a circle leave endless ripples that interlock.

I’m ...

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In the garden amid the hydrangeas, photographed by my neighbor and friend Charlie.

August 2020


I love you. Happy August!

Before I leap fully ahead into anticipating this final month of summer, I want to pause and dwell on some of the joys of July 2020.

My good friend Kerri came for a heart-to-heart visit, one on one, face to face. Because of my being ...

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Taking time to pause and smell the roses as I water them. Photo by my granddaughter Cooper.

July 2020


I love you. I feel your love. For clarity, as well as solace, I turn to the words of the sage Lao Tzu, who gave the insight, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Your love gives me strength, and because I ...

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Writing in my garden, photographed by my granddaughter Cooper.

June 2020


I love you.

June is, indeed, busting out all over. I awaken every morning predawn with a fresh sense of anticipation, wonder, awe and enthusiasm. Mother Nature’s physical beauty has come to inspire, delight and teach.

Suddenly the frost is behind us and before us are warmer days, with ...

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A photo taken by Cooper of me writing in the garden overlooking the harbor.

May 2020


Dear Friends,

Happy May Day!

I love you. As I wrote in the opening of Living a Beautiful Life, Dr. Samuel Johnson taught us that we don’t so much need to be informed as reminded. Let me remind you how much you mean to me. In your own way ...

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April 2020


I love you. Because we have all been thrown into this pandemic, I am writing to you from the innermost recesses of my heart. I want to be worthy of your trust, as your sincere friend.

On March 12, an intimate few of us were at the Inn at Stonington ...

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Love and Peace in Trying Times


My heart expands to those of you in all corners of the globe. We are intertwined in this unprecedented universal health crisis. We are presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to think compassionately and act nobly, buoyed up by our courage of our commitment to play our part and do our ...

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March 2020

Happy March. Each month has its season and significance. My first-born child, Alexandra, was born in March, as was my beloved Peter. I intend to celebrate every day as beautifully as possible while basking in the glow of all the fascinating people I’ve met on the last two retreats ...
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February 2020

Happy Leap Year February!

This is the shortest month with the theme of love; but every four years we are given a bonus day. Ah, a bonus day. Not a bonus check, not a reward for work we have preformed, but a spiritual grace note. A great deal of our ...
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January 2020


Dear Friends,

I hope your Christmas and the holidays were full of love, joy, peace and hope.

Happy New Year! 2020 will be a challenging year for all of us, in varying degrees and for a variety of paradoxical reasons. Personally, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because ...

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I love to connect with my readers, and in my monthly newsletter, I share my thoughts, updates about events, a discussion of what I've been reading, stories from life in Connecticut, and much more. Feel free to browse my past newsletters and stop by at the beginning of each month to read my latest note to you.